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Winterhaven Kennel began with my purchase of a hunting dog and companion, Stadia De L`Escarbot. (Call name Ginger).   After she had demonstrated her natural abilities as both a hunting dog and a member of the family I
decided to breed her. I returned to the kennel that I purchased her from to seek both guidance and a quality stud dog.

She produced 5 pups, one of which my wife, in a weak moment, let me keep. The litter of pups proved to be exceptional in both ability and conformation. Three of the pups have won conformation awards in national Epagneul Breton shows. In the field they have proven their hunting ability in a variety of situations and on a variety of game.

Future litters from this mating were ruled out when an injury from an encounter with a car caused problems for Ginger during her pregnancy. She has since been retired and lives a life of pampered luxury with my son and daughter-in-law.

The foundation of Winterhaven Kennel is one dog: TR Valdemar De Winterhaven. He has proven to be an exceptional hunter, Winning Reserve Champion at the national CEB-US trial in March, 2009 and being awarded a High Natural Quality ribbon by Christian Gunther, president of the CEB-France. His physical attributes have also proven to be excellent as he was awarded Reserve Best of Variety Male – Other Colors at the 2009 Epagneul Breton National Conformation Specialty Show.

With this exceptional dog as my foundation I intend to produce dogs that fulfill the role of hunting companion and family pet while staying true to the standards that have made this breed one of the most popular versatile dogs in the world.


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TR Valdemar de Winterhaven

Stadia de L’Escarbot*

Hip Injury Explanation

Meet Elegante du RCK (“Ellie”)

Jan. 2012: In the spring of 2010, Glen Gunderson of Copper Spur Kennel in Benson, MN made us an offer we could not refuse.  After taking Ellie back under his wing, Glen proved once again he knows how to make a star.  In January, Ellie beat out her father, Leo, to win 2012 National Best of Breed at the 2012 Epagneul Breton National Speciality Show.  While we certainly miss her spunk, we could not be prouder of her accomplishments, and we look forward to the great line of dogs she’s sure to produce in years to come.

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